Pancakes Anyday

Words by Kristine De Block, Medical Herbalist


Sunshine in a pan

Pancake Day is a delightful tradition that’s celebrated with joy in many corners of the world. Across Europe, the tradition of pancake making is a cherished ritual. These golden, round treats are symbols of the sun’s life-giving warmth, a beacon of hope during the chilly winters. It’s said that enjoying pancakes on Shrove Tuesday can bring prosperity throughout the year. Now, isn’t that a tradition worth embracing with both hands?
That’s why each year, I’m all about celebrating with my special green pancakes – a nod to the earth’s awakening.
This recipe isn’t just for Pancake Day; it’s a year-round treasure, adaptable with any herbs you have on hand. But on Pancake Day, it feels extra special – a celebration of nature’s bounty and the promise of spring.


120g plain flour
250ml plant-based milk
A mix of fresh wild greens and flowers (whatever is seasonal or catches your eye)
Two eggs
One teaspoon of olive oil
One teaspoon of sugar or vanilla extract (optional, for that sweet touch)
and a pinch of salt.


Beat the eggs with the sugar and salt before incorporating the flour and olive oil into the mixture.
Gradually add the milk, blending until smooth.
Cook the pancakes in a lightly oiled, medium-hot pan, flipping them gently until golden.
Serve them up with your wild greens, edible flowers and favourite toppings – be it syrup, lemon, or just as they are, and enjoy the taste of tradition.
Early season foraged greens

Celebrate with pancakes

Whenever we gather around our tables for pancakes, I hope it can be a celebration of warmth, joy, and the simple pleasures that connect us to each other and to the natural world.

For a fruity, gluten free pancake suggestion, see this recipe from Kelly Holden for gluten free banana and blueberry vegan pancakes.