Ten Questions to get to know Malcolm Dickson

Thousands of people worldwide engage with The Herb Society through our social media, especially instagram, our website and this blog. 
Malcolm Dickson is the owner and creator of Hooksgreen Herbs Ltd and Trustee for The Herb Society, a voluntary role. 
Get to know Malcolm and what inspires him through this quick snapshot in ten questions. 

1. What’s your first memory of being inspired by herbs?

When I began growing plants in 1992/3 it became apparent that Herbs ticked all the boxes from a commercial grower point of view. Scent, flowers and uses. 

2. Who do you look to for herbal mentorship or advice?

Barbara Wilkinson

3. What is the lesson you’ve learnt from herbs that you’d most like to share with others?

There is no rocket science in growing herbs.
Sweet rocket, Hesperis matronalis ‘Purple’

4. Tell us about a place you’ve visited that’s been a great herbal experience.

The Physic Garden, Chelsea

5. Describe your current practice with herbs and the benefits this brings.

Hooksgreen Herbs grows a wide range of herbs for culinary, medicinal and other relevant uses. 

6. Where do you see your interest in herbs evolving over the next five years?

I shall be closing Hooksgreen Herbs at the end of 2024 and creating a new garden full of herbs. 

7. How do you see the role of the Herb Society in the UK and your contribution to this?

The Herb Society will remain a national charity promoting herbs in all their different guises and I shall remain a member and supporter. 

8. If you could make one change that could increase awareness, appreciation or application of herbs in the UK, what would that be?

Have the RHS, as the largest national Horticultural organisation, to positively promote herbs at their garden shows and other events as the Charity comes up to its 100 anniversary. 

9. And, has to be asked, what’s your favourite herb, and why?

Rosemary in all its varieties, as it is a majestic plant with a beautiful aroma. 
Rosemary ‘Green Ginger’, Salvia rosmarinus

10. Finally, if you were herbal advisor to a new colony being established on Mars, what advice would you give?

Grow all the herbs that can be, and use them for all their qualities.