Warming Winter Remedies

At Grass Roots Remedies, we work to rekindle people’s passion for our traditions of community herbal health care in an ecologically sustainable way, whilst acknowledging the contributions from other cultural traditions. For much of the year, we look to the hedgerows, forests and coast to find locally available, sustainable plant, fungi and seaweed communities. ...
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- June 13, 2021
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HERBIVAL at the Garden Museum

Written by Ghislaine Howard Sunday June 6th 2021 saw the first ever HERBIVAL take place at the Garden Museum, in Lambeth, London. A one day festival celebrating herbs, as The Herb Society we just had to attend. Organised by Natasha Goodfellow, the festival aimed at offering visitors an opportunity to boost their mental wellbeing and ...
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- June 12, 2021
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Herb of the Month: June 2021

Choosing a herb for Herb of the Month in June is tricky. It would hardly be a stretch to say that it’s like standing a child in a sweet shop and asking them to pick just one sweet out of the endless number of jars filled with sweets of all colours, tastes, and smells. ...
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- May 10, 2021
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Herb Histories: Birch – Wine, Oil and Tar

Deep-rooted and deeply-rooted within the European landscape, the Birch tree has been a part of the natural landscape since before there were written records of history. It's called a pioneer species meaning that it easily inhabits barren environments, and is one of the first trees that appeared after the final Ice Age. It's presence ...
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Advolly Richmond on Rev Thomas Birch Freeman, a talk at The Garden Museum, London

Given on a windy Tuesday evening, a recent talk at London's Garden Museum shared ongoing research into the botanising of Reverend Thomas Birch Freeman. For Advolly Richmond, revealing the botanical contributions of Birch Freeman is an ongoing project, which began in 2014/2015, when Richmond was prompted to look into the lives of black gardeners. ...
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