A Woman’s Book of Herbs by Elizabeth Brooke

The author is a Medical Herbalist with an interest in mythological history and astrological significance of herbs. The book refers to herbs under their planetary influence, and also provides a tree calendar. February 18th – March 17th is Ash, ‘I am the wind on the deep waters’, Druids are thought to be the creators of the calendar. Illustration are simple black and white sketches, of each herb.

This book guides the reader in the connection with mind, body and spirit, it is very much a holistic approach to woman’s healing, helping to understand the reason behind ill-health and how to regain balance. There are myths and legends but also recipes and physical and emotional uses, including meditation and chakra references.

Both poetic and practical this book celebrates European healing plants and provides insights into their history, as well as current day use and evidence showing how plants teach us if willing to learn. “They are our wise companions on this planet and they have much to teach us”.

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