Adaptogens by Paula Grainger

A handy size book to pop in your bag and read on the train, written by a well-known Medical Herbalist. This book introduces the reader to Adaptogen herbs, that can help restore balance in your life and support you to find the calm we all crave.

Incorporating herbs into everyday life is made easy with the guidance, recipes and ideas that inspire and encourage the reader to try. Fatigue and lack of sleep have a lot to answer for, but here the author suggests herbs and spices that can help restore your vitality, leaving you with less anxiety and more balanced emotional wellbeing.

The introduction covers how we respond to stress, what Adaptogens are, how to use them with dosage and safety aspects, along with other strategies to manage stress.

Turmeric, Ashwaganda, Liquorice, Reishi, Sage and many more are included with each section broken down into: Who Is It For? How To Take It. Need To Know and Good to Know.

The recipe section includes making tinctures and teas, and simple syrups like Liquorice, Thyme and Honey, but also hummus, meals and bakes.

Beautifully illustrated throughout, it may be small in size but this book, opens up a better understanding for any reader that simple adaptions/ changes make big differences.

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