Aromatherapy – A Practical Approach: Second Edition by Vicki Pitman

This softback book is a comprehensive encyclopaedia of the most important features of Aromatherapy in a modern context. It begins by outlining the historical frame of reference of aromatherapy, how it has changed over the course of history, and how it is used holistically today. This extensive tome is an excellent study guide for professional aromatherapists, aromatherapy students, and even the passionate amateur.


The book is filled with definitions for clarification and is comprehensively illustrated. It includes detailed explanations on the stages of disease and how the body absorbs, metabolises and excretes essential oils. Examples of good practice are given, as well as approaches to challenges you may face as an aromatherapy practitioner.


A vital aspect of aromatherapy is the categorisation of essential oils and their properties. The second half of the book contains a detailed lexicon of all of the most important and most commonly used oils, explaining their calming or stimulant effects and uses, chemical constituents, and therapeutic actions, as well as safety precautions and potential interactions with medications.

Perhaps my favourite part of this book is the excellent selection of practice questions to consolidate information learnt, as well as blank tables for any aromatherapists to fill in the information they have gathered from their own observations as ongoing development.


I am of the utmost conviction that this book should be the universal textbook for all learning aromatherapists, experienced and apprentice.


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