Around the World in 80 Trees by Jonathan Droir, illustrated by Lucielle Clerc

This book is an essential lexicon for anyone interested in learning about the different trees around the world.
The structure of the book goes across the continents of the earth, from the deserts of Australia to the tropical Bahamas, and the biting cold of Scandinavia to the warm Mediterranean. This book is an absolute delight to read, and has been very carefully curated, from its stunning cover art and drawings inside (I have a huge weakness for beautiful illustrations), to the detailed and extensively researched trees covered. Here you’ll find many familiar trees, such as pine, eucalyptus and beech, to the perhaps rarer and more unusual, such as the kapok and banyan.
Each of the profiles goes into the tree’s history and uses, showing the etymology of its common name, or how it may have historically been used medicinally. This book is suitable for dipping in and out of or reading for hours fascination.
I especially liked the fact that the trees were shown in both their historical and modern contexts, and due to my interest in toxicology, found the explanations of their defence mechanisms against insects and pests to be very intriguing.
It is an absolute gem for tree enthusiasts and is excellent for beginners as a guide to recognising different trees on your travels.

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