Green Clean Your Home by Manfred Neuhold

Looking at this book at first glance I thought this looks very interesting, and I was very eager to read it and try out some of the recipes inside and give a review.

This is a hardback book and the quality and colour photography is excellent throughout. The author Manfred Neuhold not only gives you 160 recipes with clear instructions on how to make the products, but also where to buy your bottles and containers as well as online buying options and ingredients to be found at grocery shops and DIY stores.

Manfred explains how we clean is a clear reflection of our cultural diversity. How other cultures around the world are determined by tradition. He goes on to say what’s clean must smell clean, and that’s why allergies are so widespread today.

Industrially produced cleaning agents often contain substances that we shouldn’t have in our homes and on our clothes. The content throughout this book has been well researched and I would highly recommend buying it! Especially under the present circumstances with Covid-19 and the ‘flu season upon us. If there wasn’t a good enough reason to keep your home bacteria/virus free with the advantage of knowing what’s gone into the making of your product’s it is now.

Naturally I had to try some of the recipe’s with great success according to friends and family.

The book covers how to use herbs, essential oils and decoctions in your cleaning products with even a section on how to make your own soap. From a short philosophy of cleaning to a multi-purpose cleaning of your kitchen, bathroom, windows, laundry, wood, metals, carpets, fresheners and even car cleaning and waxes so you can get all the family involved.

This would make a wonderful gift for Christmas, Birthdays or any occasion.

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