Harvesting through The Year by The Seed Sistas - Sensory Solutions

Reviewing “Harvesting Through the Year” at the beginning of February seems just the right time as the days are getting longer and some of our lovely native herbs are starting to appear.

Harvesting and creating plant preparations through the cycle of the year is the subject beautifully brought to life in this accessible e-book from the Seed Sistas – Karen and Fiona of Sensory Solutions.   This e-book guides you through different herbs and when to harvest working with the seasons of the year and the Pagan festivals associated with them.  The Wheel of the Year chapter takes you on a journey through key dates of pivotal seasonal shifts the key dates and the Pagan festivals marked and celebrated – and which herbs would be suitable for harvesting on or around that time.

The herbs that Karen and Fiona use are easily and readily available in the UK, with tips and guidance on safe and responsible foraging. The magic happens when you are taken through the different preparations to preserve your plant medicine.  Often the methods of preserving herbs can appear quite complex – not with this book – processes are demystified and soon you will be up to speed with tincturing, decoctions, creating syrups, infusions and much more!

This e-book is a great starting point for anyone interested in exploring plant preparations, and how to work throughout the growing year.  Equally for the more experienced it is a great refresher and reminder of the beauty and joy that working with healing plants brings.  I would gladly recommend buying this book for yourself or as a gift as the uplifting and positive messages contained within it really do bring a smile to your face and it is delightfully illustrated.  The passion, energy and caring nature of the authors shines throughout like a beacon of hope which we could all use right now.

Follow the buy now link to purchase “Harvesting Through the Year”  which is downloadable and printable, or keep on your device for handy use in the garden, field or kitchen!

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