LEAF by Catherine Phipps

There are not many books which stick to a theme but where the author has allowed such a broad scope for content. LEAF combines such a range of known and new ingredients – all leaves – which provide the basis for a new way of looking at the lesser used part of many plants.

The fantastic range of 120 recipes for “herbs, lettuces, greens and everything in between” make the most of the many flavours, colours, textures and sizes of leaves as well as providing new ways of using many of the plants that we already use but in perhaps a rather limited way.

One of the recipes that stood out to me for this was Chard Galette (p.156). Chard is often something that goes on for longer than I expect when growing and the uses of it can seem repetitive. This recipe also let me use up some of the leftover remnants of cheese and other bits and pieces I had in the fridge to make space for the Christmas shopping! Plus, it tasted great.

In with the Christmas shopping I do have a few extra brussels sprouts. I thought I would have a go at the amazing looking and tasty-sounding Brussels Sprout Christmas Tree (p.165). If it is a delicious as it looks then I think I might even have a few sprouts converts over the festive break!

There are so many options with this book that you could work your way through the recipes, and associated seasonal leaves, year-round. I loved the fact that each recipe comes with a little bit of background and I’m sure as I try each new recipe I will add my own notes. What a great book to leaf through!

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