Scotland’s Wild Medicine by Lilia Sinclair and Clare Holohan

Scotland’s Wild Medicine : Reconnecting with Nature for Health, Well-being and Healing

On first opening this book the photography took me straight to Scotland and what a joy to read a book, that says we are nature and healing is within us all.

The book takes you through the seasons, month by month, guiding the reader into the food and medicine of plants we think of as native to Scotland. The two authors combine nutrition and wellbeing into this book, from walks, breathe work, sleep, to cold water emersions, the five elements and the laws of nature, fermenting, foraging along with many suggestions on how to connect with our landscape to gain positive vibrations we all benefit from.

Heal Scotland, is a charity set up to help support the health of the nation, but especially that of Scotland which has been shown to be in crisis.

I met the authors through Instagram and have been delighted to see the growing awareness people are having about the importance of education. We share a passion, recognise the need to teach and change, for herbs to be centre stage, as they will be our allies, as they always have been.


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