The CBD Handbook by Karin Mallion

The CBD Handbook : Using and Understanding CBD and Medical Cannabis.

Recently, we have been bombarded with a vast array of news about this purported panacea for a myriad of health conditions. For myself it was this explosion of sources of varying quality that deepened my confusion and nervousness of even contemplating using a CBD product, along with the societal prejudices and pressure of even considering a product associated with cannabis – I broke out in a cold sweat buying a hemp-based hand cream.

This book is what we need – for anyone who is currently using or contemplating using CBD, and crucially for any health professional who will  be treating people with CBD  or considering treating someone with a CBD product.  For those with  questions about CBD and its possible implications for their health imbalances it would be my go to text.   Karin fastidiously considers CBD use alongside other medication and the implications of using CBD in certain illness and disease – a vital tool for allopathic and complementary practice – helping practitioner and patient make the best informed decisions for treatment.

From beginning to end I was hooked, because from the very first pages it parts the mysterious veil that surrounds cannabis and its medical use.  At seventeen chapters it is comprehensive yet isn’t ever intimidating.  From pre-Christian documented use of cannabis to present day this book covers a lot.  Chapter 3 focusses on cannabinoids, what are they and what do they do – leading into the revelatory Chapter 4 about the endocannabinoid system and its role in achieving homeostasis within the body and how this imbalance potentially has left us vulnerable to disease and ill health.  Chapter 7 highlights the differences in different cannabis extracts – do you know your indica from sativa – do you need an energising or sedating effect?  It is this type of information that makes this book invaluable for the general public and practitioners alike.

Available in print or as an e-book – I opted for an e-book.  I found this extremely useful; as an e-book you can search for words or phrases – vital if you are doing research or perhaps have a patient case study that you can quickly refer to.  However, being a print lover, I am going to invest in the book too.  AEON, the publishers at the time of writing were offering a great value combined price for print and e-book .

I would heartily recommend this book for anyone wanting to use CBD and medical cannabis, it really is evidentially well researched and written by Karin, who uses her own experiences, professional training and patient feedback to provide a truly knowledgeable, accessible and informative handbook.

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