The Medicinal Forest Garden Handbook by Anne Stobbart

This is a book I’ve been looking forward to this year, visually stunning, inspirational, yet a totally
practical guide to diversity for a healthier environment and planet. Like all good handbooks it guides you into multi-layering a garden, in sustainable permaculture ways, to achieve a therapeutic forest garden that is a medicine chest, classroom, haven for nature and healing sanctuary, yet a sustainable business also.
If you’ve ever wanted to grow your own trees and shrubs, learn how to care and use them, care for
nature, yourself and those around you, then this book is sure to help develop those skills.
The book details 40 plant profiles, and is meticulously researched and resourced, with insightful
knowledge that comes from first-hand knowledge and experience.
Anne has been a member of The Herb Society for many years, making wonderful contributions to the
charity. Along with Kay, she has created something that gives hope and inspiration for the future.
A book that is well researched throughout and complete with first-hand knowledge and experiences.
Anne is cofounder of The Herbal History Research Network and offers teaching and courses at the
wood throughout the year. There is also a shop to purchase items made from the wood, including
distilled witch hazel, from her own trees.
This book will leave you wanting to visit and join them in their quest for knowledge and truth about
medicinal plants, how to care for them and work with them, without destroying what we all say we
Recipes, guidance on planning, design and horticulture, are all included, making this a treasure of a
book and certainly one to enjoy for many years.

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