The Modern Gardener by Frances Tophill

I have met Frances several times at RHS Tatton Show, while promoting our society and of course herbs, we rarely have time to linger as the BBC keeps her busy and the public can be very demanding.
This book had me hooked when I read, “our little patches of earth can be a larder, a beauty shop, a wildlife haven, an apothecary, an escape, a connection to nature and our community, a patch of productive wilderness.”
There is beautiful colour photography throughout, that suggests a gentle and often vintage nod to our past and yet science and research are mentioned too.  There are recipes in each section and with hints on how to handle gluts.
Chapters cover everything from: Wildlife + Eco-friendly Gardening; Garden Design + Green Thinking; Houseplants; A Space to Grow, Eat + Preserve; Propagating Plants; The Cut-flower Garden; The Apothecary Garden; Plant Dyes + fabrics and Drinks.
The Modern Gardener respects the past but knows we each have a role to play and can learn by being connected to our planet, to love and work with it, and most of all to nurture nature in everyway.
The book aims to encourage us all to think about our present lives and our future, as our impact and decisions can transform us into a balanced harmony with the planet.

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