The Tree Forager by Adele Nozedar

From Apple to Yew and 38 other trees in between, Adele takes you not just on a foraging journey but also a tour through the beauty, wildlife, folklore and medicinal uses of her chosen trees.

Her love and respect for trees runs throughout this delightful book, it isn’t just a guide, it is a personal story which makes for a heart-warming, inclusive and immersive read.

A delightful foreword by the German musician and pianist Volker Bertelmann also known as Hauschka, sets a tone that Adele continues.  Trees – we often overlook their beauty and joy, the impact they have on our senses – for anyone reading this book it will make you think twice before taking any tree for granted!

Accompanied by gorgeous illustrations by Lizzie Harper, each tree is also attributed a song title – for example Elder is suitably paired with “Magic Tree” by Ruu Campbell.   It is the type of writing that makes me smile and warms my heart. Each tree is given a thorough synopsis, followed by sections that highlight what wildlife the tree sustains, how it can be used medicinally, followed by recipes – which are as equally diverse and tempting such as the scrummy sounding Smreka – a refreshing fermented alcohol-free drink using juniper berries or why not try a Medlar Kimchi.

Adele advises this book is to be used, to get grubby, take it out with you and make notes when foraging and walking, for me it is the perfect dip in and out book reading whatever takes my fancy or has piqued my interest.   I know it has made me add Medlar and Quince to my autumn planting plans – and that is just for starters (or dessert!)

Towards the end of the book ancient trees remind us that we are merely here for a short time and Adele poignantly challenges us  to be in the moment because that is all we ever have, and what is a perfect way to be in the moment than gazing upon a tree.

I would encourage anyone to buy this book or send as a gift – it really is a joy.


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