Weeds in the Heart by Nathaniel Hughes & Fiona Owen

Have you ever bought a book then didn’t want to pass it on? This is one of those fabulous books that you just want to delve into time and time again and will find hard to part with.

Fiona Owen has beautifully illustrated this book with several pages highlighted in gold, reminiscent of illuminated manuscripts of old. The author, Nathaniel Hughes is a Gloucestershire based herbalist, with a love of his region and a sense of place.

Many herbalists believe in storytelling, to encourage people to spend time with herbs and encourage personal learning, as this really is the best way to learn. Intuition and connecting with nature and the actual plant is encouraged, with some examples of case histories Nathaniel has treated.
The book leads the reader into a world of herbs, that are often taken for granted, as they are generally the common, wild herbs.

Thirteen herbs are introduced in detail, with mention of their spiritual and anecdotal use, recipes and some scientific data are mentioned, but it is more about personal thoughts and experiences. Nathaniel shares his own experiences and the benefits he gained from nature, when suffering with mental health. He encourages the reader to step outside rather than watch nature on TV, computers or books, to gain first-hand knowledge.

A treasure trove and a joy to behold, this book delights the senses and invites you to appreciate, the often-hidden talents of herbs.

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