Your Period Handbook by Natasha Richardson

Drawing on her own personal experience of overcoming debilitating period pain, Natasha has put
together a book that explores natural solutions in extensive detail.
The key message is that stress is often the underlying factor in disrupting women’s hormonal health
and that learning how to tackle it can transform menstrual cycles.
For many women, Natasha’s informative and easy to understand insights into female reproductive
health will be an education in something we all experience, but often know little about.
The first part of the book explores everything from hormones and contraception, to stress and the
link between menstrual cycles and the moon. Meanwhile part two dives into herbs and how they can
be used to soothe and relieve symptoms.
Natasha shares recipes for tinctures, bath potions, infusions and aromatherapy options, and outlines
how they can be used to uplift mood, relax cramps, and reduce anxiety and insomnia.
This book is a great starting point for those looking to get to know their bodies better and who wish
to take a more holistic approach to their health. While there are plenty of suggestions on how to
improve any problems through self-treatment, Natasha also outlines when it’s worth getting a
medical assessment in order to appropriately diagnose any conditions.
As a medical herbalist herself, Natasha’s book provides a perfect balance of personal experience and
medical know-how that allows you to both relate and be reassured by her insights.

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