Based on Nikki’s ‘Plant Medicine School’ apprenticeship programme, the book is set out in four sections and aims to rekindle our connection to the plant realm, reminding us of our ancient knowledge of the wisdom of plants as sentient, conscious beings.  Part one, ‘our green allies’, explains plant anatomy, how plants act as alchemists, plant families and wild gardening.  Part two, ‘energetics, intentions and medicine’, shows us how to make medicine and discusses the energetic system of Galenics, TCM and the Celtic oral tradition of the three cauldrons.  Part three delves into more detail about the three cauldrons and the cycles of life.  Part four shares 25 plant stories, conversations that have been held with the plants growing in Nikki’s garden and her experience of using them.  It is a fascinating book combining traditional wisdom and knowledge from our own lands with recent scientific discoveries of how plants can bring us back into balance.

Reviewed by Rox Madeira

Conversations with Plants – The Path Back to Nature

Nikki Darrell


ISBN:  9781911597643