Dafydd Monks


I was brought up in a long, low cottage by a river and surrounded by ancient woodland. My mother instilled in me a reverence and awe – but also a practical working relationship with nature. My grandmother trained as a vet and was a keen lay-herbalist and gardener. Though my initial choice in career was in the aviation industry, when I had a ‘quarter life rethink’ as it were, I went out on a limb and just knew that I had to do something different – and training as a Medical Herbalist was that path. After taking New Vitality Tuition’s excellent introductory course in home herbal medicine, I went on to study at the University of East London, before moving to Lincoln University where the excellent tuition and training received helped develop me into the clinician – and person – I am today. 

I am a ‘district herbalist’ in rural North Wales – I work from a local polyclinic of different alternative and complementary practitioners. I also see people in my home clinic space, and provide a housecall service to those who are unable to attend clinic. 

My interest in herbal medicine is not just in the therapeutics – I am a keen advocate for ‘muddy boots’ herbalism – growing and gathering as many of the herbs I use as I can, and processing them into effective medicines for use in my dispensary. 

I am involved in a land project which is turning a small, neglected field into a workshop and retreat space, herb garden, and woodland – of which this winter’s project is a medicinal arboretum or tree garden. 

In addition to my herbal medicine activities, I’m interested in the history and philosophy of herbal medicine, and found past skills gained in the design and publishing industries useful in my herbal life – I was part of the founding team of Tilia Magazine, and run a small publishing house specialising in herbal medicine and allied publications. 

I was invited to join The Herb Society as a trustee, and am excited to see where this journey takes me, and in turn what my varied tapestry of skills can bring to the Society in helping it to grow and flourish.