This colourful paperback book inspires the reader to have a go, as no fancy, expensive equipment is needed, just honest values that are homely and comforting.

Stephanie shares her love of food and drink, alongside the lifestyle of seasonality, gardening, gluts, plastic free, and self-care, so there is something for everyone and very topical.

Co-author of the award winning No Dig Organic Home and Garden book, she runs courses, gives talks and encourages people into how to enjoy the land. You don’t have to grow your own, to enjoy this book, everything is economic, colourful and plant based, with good photography throughout.

There are great tips, including homemade sprays and washes to remove insects from raspberries etc. something all gardeners will appreciate.

Stephanie’s fun-loving titles make you smile, ‘roasted slugs’ is not what you expect, thank goodness, but what fun for children and those of us with a sense of humour.

This book will inspire and soon become a favourite, as it’s not only about food and drink, but includes crafts, such as, how to make herbal bath bombs, candles and much more.

The Creative Kitchen

Stephanie Hafferty

Permanent Publications  ISBN 978-1-85623-323-1