Have you ever thought about those in prison and how their diet and every daily activity is controlled? Here is a book from someone who knows, as she too was once imprisoned but found a deep connection with herbs during her time inside.

We often talk about disconnected with nature, in this case it’s extreme, and thought provoking, as many prisoners are neglected from even the basics of human needs, which often includes medical care.

Nicole shares her story and how her time was used to her develop a love of herbs, a true connection with nature and the need to stay well and even find ways to study about the very herbs she used while incarcerated.

She found inventive ways of preparing plant medicine and accessing it. Nicole explains how even basic foods from the canteen, can be used as medicines, and how to dry or use fresh items for health.


Ten mainly wild, foraged, herbs are highlighted, with their profiles, uses and practical advice on when and how to use them. This includes Dandelion, Yarrow, Chickweed, Selfheal and others familiar to many. There are some colour plates to help identify the herbs and several black and white sketches.

The book is aimed at prisoners and distributed around the world to solidarity projects and supportive people. It will inspire and help many, its theme is self-care, self-help, respect and to learn lifestyle choices to survive, just like the herbs growing in the cracks, seen as rebellious but surviving against the odds.

The book details resources and on- line courses, with the emphasis on free distance learning.

This paperback, is designed to not take up space, but do a job, to teach and encourage others, as Nicole herself discovered, the way of herbs.

It will alter the perspective of those that read it, life changing comes to mind.

Reviewed by Barbara Wilkinson (Herb Society Trustee)


The Prisoner’s Herbal

Nicole Rose

Active Distribution

ISBN 978-1909798-70-4