As someone who has always had an interest in astrology and been curious about how Culpeper referred to planetary influences, this book intrigued me from the start. I met Elizabeth in 2019 and heard her speak on the subject, which further developed my interest.  This book looks into Western Herbal Healing Traditions, with explanations of planetary energies and cycles and their influencing factors on health, including when best to harvest or treat conditions.

Part 1 is the theory behind the elements Fire, Earth, Water and Air. It continues with Temporary conditions, The seven natural things, Herbs and the planets, Choosing a remedy, Philosophy, Background and history to Astrological medicine, Decumbiture a diagnostic tool, and Dramatis personae.

Part 2 is the practice: The decumbiture method, collecting, making herbal preparations and when best to administer according to the planetary influences, Temperament, with Afterword and appendix 1 and 2.

There is a Materia medica included in the book which includes all the herbs discussed.

A fascinating book, from history to insight from the authors own herbal practice.  The book is intended as a manual rather than a reference book, with helpful charts and diagrams.  Even if you did not want the astrological side, the humoral aspect can still be used.

Reviewed by Barbara Wilkinson – Herb Society Trustee


Traditional Western Herbal Medicine As Above So Below

Elizabeth Brooke

Aeon Books

ISBN 9781911597209