- June 24, 2023

RECIPE: Rose Bath Salts

Nicola is a student medical herbalist with a special interest in chronic illnesses. When not studying, she can usually be found tending to her garden or out in the woods with her dogs. Today, she shares a recipe for rose bath salts.   I love roses and luckily for me, they are blooming in my garden ...
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- August 8, 2020

A Rainbow Of Colour From The Garden

Happy weekend all! This weekend, Plants and Colour gives us a run down of  natural pigments and how they are extracted from plants, touching also on their different natures. Able to be foraged or grown in UK gardens, Flora provides us with an exciting inventory of plants (including herbs) ready to become our next ...
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- March 13, 2019

Herbal Retox!

Written by Herb Society Member - Helen Miller   I want to learn more about herbs. But where to start? There's a massive amount of information out there – websites, books, magazines, courses, blogs. And which topic – growing herbs, herbal medicine, cooking with herbs, using herbs in art and craft projects, fermenting herbs, foraging for herbs, ...
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