Below is a list of speakers who can talk to your group on herb related topics. Click on the name for more details.

If you would like to be added to the speakers list then please contact info@herbsociety.org.uk. We would be grateful if speakers could promote the Herb Society when giving talks. Please see the Herb Society introductory presentation here Herb Society Introduction Presentation 2021

Dr Chris Etheridge

Area: London and Essex
Email: chrisjetheridge@gmail.com
Comments:Herbs and nutrition for cancer support

Julija Milovanova-Palmer BSc MA MCPP MNIMH

Area: West London, will travel around London
Email:  juliamilova@gmail.com
Comments: Women’s health (fertility, menopause, gynaecological conditions), mum and baby, elderly, herbs and dentistry. Herbal walks with elements on plant identification, medicinal uses, foraging, folklore, current research. In the past delivered workshops with emphasis on herbal pharmacy and herbal remedies making titled “Kitchen Pharmacy”, “Liver Cleanse and Digestive Health”, “Herbs for Energy and Stamina”, “Skin health”, “Herbal First Aid”.

Jackie Power BSc (Hons) ITEC MIFPA

Area: Travels to Central London, Greater London, Kent and Sussex
Email: jackie@jackiepower.co.uk 
Telephone: 07518 455 986
Website: www.jackiepower.co.uk
Comments:I am Medical Herbalist with a Bachelor of Science degree in Herbal
Medicine from Middlesex University. I have studied herb-drug interactions,
anatomy and physiology, clinical science and diagnostic skills and have 15
years experience of using plant medicines to treat a variety of
conditions. My areas of expertise are migraine, stress related conditions
including anxiety, insomnia, depression and also high blood pressure. I am
a qualified Aromatherapy Practitioner and a Horticulturalist and write a
gardening column for a newspaper.

I have given talks at the WI, Southwark Circle and various community
organisations plus housing charities. The various topics for my talks
1. Migraine
2. Edible flowers
3. Using herbs safely
4. Herbs in poetry

Kim Walker BSc MSc

Area: Greater London based, will travel within UK
Email: handmadeapothecary@gmail.com
Telephone: 07976579619
Website: www.handmadeapothecary.co.uk
Comments:Offers talks, walks and workshops rediscovering local plant identification, foraging guidance, folklore, plant uses and herbal remedy making.

Roy Vickery

Area: Will travel within Greater London and elsewhere (accessible by public transport)
Email: roy@plant-lore.com
Telephone: 020 8675 6740
Website: http://www.plant-lore.com
Comments:Roy has been collecting information about, and writing and lecturing on, the  folklore of British and Irish plants for many years, and is particularly interested in the folklore associated with our most common, often under appreciated, plants.  He also leads walks discussing plant folklore.Since his major motivation is the collection of new material, he does not charge for talks in the London area, and charges only travel expenses elsewhere.  See his website for further details.

Rachel Shackleton

Herbalist, Naturopath, Kinesiologist  (DipHerb, DipNat, DipKin, Therapeutic Energy Kinesiologist), MAMH, NNA

Area: Home counties including Wiltshire, Berkshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and London (happy to travel)
Email: rachel@greenkeypersonaldevelopment.com
Telephone: 07880634819
Website: www.greenkeyhealth.co.uk

I am a registered speaker at the Isbourne Centre in Cheltenham where I speak on herb and health related topics.  I also give talks to Women’s Institute groups as a registered speaker in Berkshire, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Oxfordshire.  With a background as a leadership trainer, I am also a motivational speaker at corporate events on topics around increasing productivity and engagement through health and wellbeing.
Topics that I have spoken on:
  • Hedgerow Herbs for Natural Healing
  • What Colour is Your Stress?
  • Employee Engagement through Health and Wellbeing
  • Brain Health Naturally
  • Natural Immune Health – Maintaining and Boosting the Immune System

Julia Behrens Medical Herbalist BsC(Hons) MCPP

Area: East Sussex
Email: Julia@herbal-consultant.com 
Website: www.herbal-consultant.com
Comments:Medical Herbalist

Julia has taught at the School of Herbal Medicine, lectured at East London and Westminster University, consulted for the WWF and Neal’s Yard, appeared on TV- Channel 4 Food unwrapped and on a Gardeners and cooker question time cruises. Julia runs a range of courses in Herbal Medicine and has been practicing herbal medicine for over 20 years. She  is currently practicing at the the Albion Clinic in Brighton and Herstmonceux Health Centre working alongside GPs and other health professionals. 

Lynda Jones Medical Herbalist & Allergy Testing

Area: Kent
Email: jones.lynda@yahoo.co.uk 
Telephone: 01303 242838 or  07878 165440
Website: www.lyndajoneskent.co.uk 

Frances Watkins BSc (Hons) PhD MNIMH

Area: Within the Home Counties
Email: f.watkins596@gmail.com
Website: www.franceswatkins.co.uk
Comments: Frances qualified as a medical herbalist in 2009 and is passionate about native British plants.  Her doctorate on early medieval herbal formulations investigated wild species used in 10th century England. Frances has a variety of talks for example, Medicinal plants in wartime, Modern drugs derived from plants and Foraging for Botanicals in our hedgerows. Frances will also tailor a talk to a specific group if there is something of local interest that you wish to know more about.

Caroline Drew BSc MNIMH CPP

Area: Will travel up to 30 mile radius of Westerham, Kent
Email: Caroline@chartwellapothecary.co.uk
Telephone: 07910 172196
Website: www.chartwellapothecary.co.uk
Comments:I have given talks in the past entitled:

  • Your Kitchen Cupboard Pharmacy
  • The Importance Of Listening To Your Body
  • An Introduction to Herbal Medicine

I do have a Powerpoint presentation to go with each of these topics so a projector and screen would be useful, thank you.

Caroline Galloway BSc MNIMH SoH

Area: Willing to travel within 20 mile radius of Guildford
Email: herbalist1@btinternet.com 
Telephone: 01483 428537
Website: http://galloway313.wixsite.com/homeopathics
Comments:Medical Herbalist, Homeopath, BSc Nutrition / Physiology, BSc Medical Herbalism, BSc Homeopathic Medicine, MNIMH SoH.

Kate Scott BSc (Hons) Herbal Medicine

Area: South of England, willing to travel!
Email: Kate@thedroversdaughter.com
Telephone: 07969882439
Website: www.thedroversdaughter.com
Comments: A qualified medical herbalist I have been giving talks, lecturing and running herb walks and workshops for the past 15 years. I specialise in native British plants which I use both in clinic and and my skincare products.With a herbal heritage in my family dating back to the 16th C I combine traditional knowledge with scientific research to talk about plants, demonstrate techniques such as tincture making and simple balms. I have a projector and screen if required. Happy to travel for longer talks and workshops.

I’m currently based in West Sussex but have run workshops in Dorset, Wales and Scotland in the past!

Rachel Shackleton

Herbalist, Naturopath, Kinesiologist  (DipHerb, DipNat, DipKin, Therapeutic Energy Kinesiologist), MAMH, NNA

Area: Home counties including Wiltshire, Berkshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and London (happy to travel)
Email: rachel@greenkeypersonaldevelopment.com
Telephone: 07880634819
Website: www.greenkeyhealth.co.uk

I am a registered speaker at the Isbourne Centre in Cheltenham where I speak on herb and health related topics.  I also give talks to Women’s Institute groups as a registered speaker in Berkshire, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Oxfordshire.  With a background as a leadership trainer, I am also a motivational speaker at corporate events on topics around increasing productivity and engagement through health and wellbeing.
Topics that I have spoken on:
  • Hedgerow Herbs for Natural Healing
  • What Colour is Your Stress?
  • Employee Engagement through Health and Wellbeing
  • Brain Health Naturally
  • Natural Immune Health – Maintaining and Boosting the Immune System

Victoria Wright

Area: Travels to Oxfordshire / Berkshire / Wiltshire areas
Email: victoria@thelivingherb.com
Telephone: 07722 328 307
Website: www.thelivingherb.com

Victoria is medical herbalist and wellness coach based in Oxfordshire. She has a rigorous and scientific approach to helping people understand their own health issues thanks to 10 years experience working as a research scientist. This is uniquely combined with compassion and mindfulness following 20 years of meditation training.
Victoria can provide inspirational talks on a range of topics from an introduction to herbal medicine and it’s links to modern research to specific illness, particularly women’s health concerns and stress-related illness. She can also talk about mindfulness and meditation and the links between body and mind.

Michele Daramat

Area: Cardiff + < 1h by train Cardiff and am willing to travel
Email: michele.daramat@gmail.com 
Telephone: 07754 070058
Comments:Provided it is not more than an hour or so by train

Sue Minter, Past Chairman of the Herb Society

Area: Prefers to deliver talks locally, but will travel if the host covers travel costs and puts me up for the night if it’s an evening talk and it’s impossible to get back home.
Email: sue.minter1@btinternet.com
Telephone: 01626 368948 (with answerphone)
Comments:Sue is past Chair of the Herb Society, past Curator at Chelsea Physic Garden and past Horticultural Director of the Eden Project where she developed their Crops for Health display.She delivers Powerpoint presentations on ‘The Healing Garden’ (covers pharmaceutical and herbal plants and the conservation issues about them); also on Alicia Amherst who wrote the first history of gardening -which touches on herbs as she was a Council member at Chelsea Physic for 40 years.She required a digital projector to be provided.  She provides her own laptop computer.Sue can also deliver talks with slides:  ‘Thinking with your Nose’ (on the art of perfumery) and ‘Which Doctor?’ (which covers enthobotany and pharmacology). For these Sue will provide her own slide projector.

Talks are charged at £100, plus travel costs if applicable.

Anne Stobart MCPP

Area: Based near Exeter, Devon. West Country and Wales. Fee £70 plus travel at cost.
Email: a.stobart@herbaid.co.uk
Telephone: 01363 777531
Website: www.holtwoodherbs.com
Comments:Anne Stobart is a longstanding member of the Herb Society and is a trained medical herbalist.  She taught professional herbal medicine at Middlesex University in London until 2010.  Anne has particular research interest in the history of domestic and herbal medicine and has published several books with Bloomsbury Academic.  She is cofounder of the Holt Wood Herbs project in Devon which seeks to develop sustainable cultivation and harvest of medicinal trees and shrubs.

Hilary Loder DBTh

Area: Dorset
Email: hilaryloder@hotmail.co.uk
Comments:I prefer to bring my own equipment and enjoy giving talks on:
1) Herbal First aid
2) Propagation of herbs
3) Uses of herbs for healing
4) Herbal aids for the relief for stress
The cost of a talk would be £70 plus travelling if over 5 miles. Willing to travel up to 15 miles radius of Marnhull, near Sturminster Newton.

Sarah Donoghue ND Dip. Herb (member of URHP)

Area: Cornwall
Website: https://alchemilla.co/

Sarah is the owner of Alchemilla apothecary, a small herbal dispensary and wellness clinic on the Cornish coast. She has been in practice for 13 years after qualifying the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London. Her special interests lie in the treatment of skin conditions and using herbs to support people with anxiety and PTSD.
She has a passion for the manufacture of tinctures and syrups, and collaborates with local growers and landowners to create her own unique formulations.She also enjoys collecting old herbals and has a keen interest in folklore.
She offers talks on a wide range of herbal topics and is open to suggestions for specialist talks. She particularly enjoys speaking on the topic of herbal vinegars, swichels, shrubs and syrups.
Speaker fee is approx £80.00 ( please contact for exact quote).

Dilys Griffiths, Medical Herbalist DBTh MURHP

Area: Carmarthenshire
Email: dilys@balmdinefwr.com
Telephone: 07855 673096
Website: www.balmdinefwr.wales
Comments:I am a qualified Medical Herbalist registered with the URHP. I have part time herbal practices at Ammanford and Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire where I see patients for consultations, treating the individual rather that their symptoms.I am happy to give talks through the medium of Welsh, English or bilingual, according to the individual need of the group. Talks can be about the properties and use of herbs and plants for health generally; the properties and use of specific herbs; maybe some practical demonstrations; introduction of the history of the ancient Physicians of Myddfai from Carmarthenshire. Topics of talks can be discussed so they are suited to the individual group.Cost £60 for talk and travelling costs at 45p per mile if travelling over 5 miles. Reduction of cost may be granted to some charities, chapel and church groups, please enquire for further information.Willing to travel within a 20 mile radius of Ammanford, Carmarthenshire, S Wales

Carrie Pakenham

Area: Travels up to 50 mile radius of Frome, Somerset
Email: carriepakenham@gmail.com
Telephone: 01373 830312
Comments:Talk titles include ‘The Cultivation and Uses of Unusual Herbs’ and ‘Getting Ready for Winter.’
I always bring my jellies, copies of my 2012 book: Jellies: Jellied Preserves from Garden and Hedgerow, plus plants to sell and plants to use for identification and demonstration.
I don’t use a projector.
All monies all go to the Wessex Therapy Centre for Multiple Sclerosis

Maggie Pope BSc (Hons) MNIMH MCPP

Area: N Devon as well as Somerset, and travel anywhere that is not more than 45-50 minutes travel from Bridgwater.
Email: info@growingmedicine.co.uk
Telephone: 07771660442
Website: www.growingmedicine.co.uk
Comments:Maggie has a practice in Bridgwater with its own herb garden, where she sees patients and runs workshops.She is also a tutor at the School of Herbal Medicine in Bridgwater which trains people to become professional Medical Herbalists.Maggie can provide a range of talks from the treatment of any specific disease process from RA to diabetes 2, plus winter ills, insomnia etc. She can also talk about what a Medical Herbalist does – where they get their medicines from, how they treat people etc., along with more practical sessions for smaller groups – making ointments and poultices and so on.

Drew Spellar – Herb Society Trustee

Area: Wales and Welsh Borders
Email: drewspellar@gmail.com
Telephone: 07833 453227
Comments: Talk titles include ‘Making the most from your Herbs – from sowing to storing’ and ‘Creating and Maintaining a Herb Garden.’
I bring a range of my homegrown herbs. I am flexible to tailor a talk to your specific audience.

Roberta Hutchins BSc (Hons) MCPP

Area: Around Devon – up to 60 miles radius from Exeter
Email: roberta.hutchins@zen.co.uk
Website: http://www.bewelldevon.uk
Comments:I have been a practicing Medical Herbalist since 2004 and worked in the herbal world for over 20 years. I am the Editor of the ESCOP monographs and the Company Secretary for the British Herbal Medicine Association. I am also a yoga teacher and reflexologist with an interest in psychotherapy. Last year I taught with a colleague the ‘Living Medicine’ 5 part workshop course ‘Introduction to Self Care with Food and Herbs’. I can speak on many areas of herbal medicine, healthy living, nutrition, stress management. A projector would be helpful for presentations. Costs £50 per hour plus travel expenses.

Caroline Sheldrick BA, BSc, CertEd, MNIMH

Area: Travels throughout Gloucestershire and often further afield.
Email: cjsheldrick@gmail.com
Telephone: 01453 884092
Website: www.carolinesheldrickmedicalherbalist.co.uk
Comments:Caroline is a regular speaker on herbs and herbal medicine, and has an annual talks programme (which you can see on her website), often visiting interest groups such as WIs, Probus, U3A and Gardening Clubs.
She also speaks on health issues for patient and practitioner groups, for example on Heart Health, Menopause and COPD.
She leads herb walks fortnightly from Spring to Autumn. Caroline’s background is in Botany and she enjoys sharing the skills of plant identification.
She uses her own projector for the talks and can bring a screen if needed.

Davina Wynne-Jones

Area: Willing to travel
Email: herbs@herbsforhealing.net
Telephone: 01285 740638 / 07773687493
Website: www.herbsforhealing.net 
Comments:My garden Herbs for Healing was created in 2005 when I turned a pony paddock into space for growing medicinal plants. The plants flourished and I have opened it every year since then and have given talks and workshops on growing and using the plants that grow there.  I have spoken to many gardening clubs.I seek to inspire others to live close to nature and to look at what is growing nearby to keep in good health. I make teas, ointments and creams for sale which can be seen on my website.  The garden opens for the NGS.My talks are all illustrated.My titles, (which are sometimes adapted to suit the group) include:

Herbs for Healing Growing and using plants for your own health benefits

Herb Gardens Historic and modern.  I trace back the history of gardens specifically created for their medicinal uses from ancient societies to 21st century gardens.

The Doctrine of Signatures An introduction into the theory that plants show signs or signatures of what their uses might be. The talk weaves in and out of the ancient history of plant medicine up to the present time.

How my late mother, Rosemary Verey, still influences me and others in the Garden and Herb Bed…

Charge for 2019 £90 plus travel.

Julie Dore MNIMH Medical Herbalist

Area: Within 25 miles of Cambridge for evenings, further for the whole day.
Email: hedgerow-herbals@juliedore.eclipse.co.uk
Website: www.hedgerow-herbals.co.uk
Comments:Variety of talks and walks, from slideshows to making own medicine, plants of Shakespeare, plant walks, etc.

Su Rayner Qualified Practitioner and Member of the Association of Master Herbalists

Area: Brooke, Norwich, Norfolk but will travel within a 20 mile radius of Norwich
Email: sumeadowherbs@aol.com
Telephone: 01508558135
Website: www.meadow-herbs.co.uk
Comments:As a Herbal practitioner Su has been giving talks and holding workshops for over 15 years covering a variety of topics.Su will tailor her talk to your requirements and covers topics such as:
  • Medicinal uses of Herbs in the Garden
  • Herbal First Aid
  • Womens’ Herbs

Su also deliver practical sessions including ‘Making Herbal Remedies’. Su uses power point presentations.

Dr Gwenda Kyd B.F.R.P.

Area: Will travel to Cambridgeshire; happy to travel further if possible by public transport; west central Scotland
Email: gwenda@cambridge-bach.co.uk 
Website: www.cambridge-bach.co.uk 
Comments:I am a writer, chemist and Bach flower remedy practitioner. My
talks mainly cover plant uses (past, present and potential future) and how
these can be linked to what we understand about the plants. I also talk
about Bach flower remedies and and the plants used to make them and can
also run workshops on using Bach flower remedies.
Currently I can offer:
1. People and Plants – Molecules, Medicines and Mischief
2. Fantastic Food Plants
3. Bach Flower Remedies and their Source Plants
4. Drugs from Plants (a bit more science in this one!)
5. Using Bach Flower Remedies to Improve Health and Well-being (workshop)

Dalbinder Bains MNIMH, BANT Medical Herbalist & Nutr.  Therapist

Area: Northwest through to Midlands
Email: dalbinderbains@yahoo.co.uk
Telephone: 0151 427 1040 / 07841 393775
Website: dalbinderbains.co.uk
Comments:Happy to talk about most health related topics and relate to herbs and nutritional and functional medicine.

Roisin McLaughlin, Bsc (Hons), MNIMH,GHR reg. Medical Herbalist and Master NLP Practitioner

Area: Greater Manchester only
Email: roisin@butterflyeffect.uk.com
Comments: NIMH Medical Herbalist and Master NLP Practitioner

Barbara Wilkinson, DBTh, MURHP, Consultant Medical Herbalist, Trustee of the Herb Society

Email: barbara_wilkinson101@hotmail.com 
Telephone: 07771727569
Comments:Medical Herbalist and Trustee of the Herb Society.  Talks for WI, Townswomen Guild, U3A, Probos, etc. on Herbs & Spices for Health & Wellbeing, Cultivation & growing of herbs, etc.

William Woods, Owner Blackbrook Herb Gardens

Area: Cheshire/ South Manchester
Telephone: 01625 539166
Website: www.blackbrookherbgardens.co.uk
Comments:Range of topics covered including culinary, historical and traditional uses of herbs, with propagation and growing advice.

Angela MacRitchie Dip Herb & Dip Nat Nutrition

Area: Willing to travel if expenses covered
Email: info@essenceofthesoul.co.uk
Telephone: 07717186647
Website: www.essenceofthesoul.co.uk
Comments:Naturopath & Herbalist – Dip Herb (CNM) ANP, AMH, URHP
Naturopathic Nutritionist – Dip Nat Nut (CNM) BANT, NNA & CNHC.
Complementary therapist – Reflexologist, Reiki master, Body work, fertility massage, MISP practitioner & Crystal healer.Angela left the fashion industry to study with CNM 5 years ago and completed Nutrition in 2015, then completed Naturopathy in 2016 and now herbal medicine in 2017.
She is a practicing naturopath and nutritionist in her own clinics and for Napiers the herbalists in Glasgow. She has various clinics in Glasgow as well as Manchester and Newton Stewart.
She loves spreading the word of the wonders of herbs and will cover any topic required for the day.

Stephaney Allinson BSc (Hons) Herbal Medicine CPP, MNIMH

Area: Will travel to areas accessible via public transport in the West Yorkshire area
Email: allabouttheherbs@gmail.com
Telephone: 07426016993
Website: www.allabouttheherbs.co.uk
Comments:I mostly deliver talks that last between 1-2 hours. I am available some evenings and some days during the week. I have a regular talk schedule in my clinic currently, my website has the details for more information.

Malcolm Dickson, Owner Hooksgreen Herbs Nursery, Trustee Herb Society

Area: Nationwide
Email: sales@hooksgreenherbs.com
Telephone: 07977883810
Website: www.hooksgreenherbs.com
Comments:Malcolm uses power point presentations.  Titles include “Showing and Growing Herbs” and “Herbs through the Season”.

Hannah Sylvester BSc (Hons) MNIMH Medical Herbalist

Area: Lincoln, Lincolnshire and East Midlands, but can travel further (by train)
Email: info@thedistrictherbalist.co.uk  
Telephone: 07906 376342
Website: www.thedistrictherbalist.co.uk
Comments:Medical Herbalist, and Lecturer on the BSc (Hons) Herbal
Medicine degree at Lincoln. I have been providing talks and workshops for a
wide variety of local groups, such as the WI, Gardening Clubs, U3A, Probus,
Rotary, and Womens’ groups for a number of years. I can often tailor talks
to group requirements, but most commonly speak about the History of Herbal
Medicine, cultivating medicinal plants and herb garden design, as well as
how to create preparations within the home. I lead a very successful series
of Herb Walks around the Cathedral Quarter each Spring and Summer and also
lead Herb Walks in other areas of the County, and for private bookings and
individual groups.

Trudy Norris Consulting Medical Herbalist

Area: Scunthorpe, South Humberside
Email: trudynorris.nimh@ntlworld.com 
Telephone: 07745577503

Cindy Teague BSc (Hons) Herbal Medicine

Area: Will travel nationally
Email: cherbs@gmail.com
Website: www.cherbs.co.uk
Comments:I have given talks locally for community groups, Adult Education Groups, as well as for the local British Beekeeping Association group.  I have also written for the BeeCraft Journal.  I also offer herb walks.My talks vary from an Introduction to Herbal Medicine to specific themes such as women’s health, herbal history and philosophy, and much more. They can be tailored to specific groups.  The talks are usually presented by powerpoint.

Rowan McOnegal, BA Hons . Cert. Herbal Medicine

Area: Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire
Email: rowanmconegal@hotmail.com
Website: rowanmconegal.co.uk
Comments:Rowan qualified from the school of phytotherapy in 1990 and has been practicing, teaching and lecturing in herbal medicine ever since. She has always grown her own herbs and made her own medicines, and teaches practical herbal medicine making and natural perfumery courses in Herefordshire. She can talk about hedgerow medicine, modern herbal practice, spices, natural perfumery, making herbal medicines and cosmetics for home use, etc.

Chris Menzies-Trull

Area: Willing to travel to Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Cheshire, West Midlands. Manchester
Email: c.menzies-trull@ntlworld.com
Telephone: 01782 713977
Website: www.rainbowherbs.com
Comments:Christopher has been a herbalist since 1987. He also uses Naturopathy [nutrition] and Iridology in his practice.
He enjoys giving talks and demonstrations to people on herbs.
Travel costs and a small fee are appropriate.

Fay Johnstone

Area: Edinburgh and surrounding area, Glasgow, Buckinghamshire, London
Email: fay@fayjohnstone.com
Telephone: 07921 174212
Website: www.fayjohnstone.com
Comments:Plant Spirit Guide and Teacher
Fay ran an organic herb farm and herbal product business for 5 years and
offers a practical approach to hedgerow medicine, herb growing and home
herbal medicine making. Fay is the author of “Plants That Speak, Souls that
Sing” (publication June 2018). And offers workshops and talks on
discovering the spirit of plants for mental and emotional well-being

Anna Canning

Area: Edinburgh
Email: anna.canning@blueyonder.co.uk 
Telephone: 07790 885969
Website: www.floramedica.org
Comments:Talks, workshops, herb walks Activities for children, resources for herbalists & teachers

Amanda Edmiston

Area: Based in Stirlingshire but working across Scotland, the UK, online and internationally.
Email: botanicafabula@gmail.com
Telephone: 07884107466 or 01786 841136
Website: www.botanicafabula.co.uk

A professional storyteller, writer and artist with a background in herbal medicine, Amanda creates bespoke projects, interactive performance pieces, talks and workshops, both online and in person for a range of venues and organisations. She is a contributor and host for Folklore Thursday and writes a regular column for Herbology News. In addition to her work for grown up audiences she delivers curriculum connected sessions: Herbal Magic and Potent Potions for schools and as family engagement sessions for museums, botanic gardens and events. 
Amanda can also be booked to deliver events connected to her ongoing projects: The Very Curious Herbal project which is inspired by the work of Elizabeth Blackwell (the first woman to publish a herbal, in 1737) and The Kist in Thyme: which shares stories and memories of everyday plant use from recent history, collected from intergenerational groups and archive material, the Kist project has a connected exhibition and plant based activities and is great for all ages…previous tours have engaged audiences at The National Museum of Rural Life and The Scottish Storytelling Centre amongst others. 
Examples of Amanda’s online sessions created for venues and groups during 2020/21 can be found on her website or get in touch to chat over possibilities.

Colette Jones PhD BSc Dip Herbology RBGE

Area: Willing to travel, please enquire
Email: gardenherbs33@gmail.com
Telephone: 01224 592 390
Website: www.facebook.com/Garden-Herbs-505428139595014
Comments:Colette Jones is a trained herbologist growing and processing herbs for use in the home. Colette’s interest in medicinal herbs began when working as a research scientist for the British Medical Research Council (MRC) in the Gambia West Africa she noticed that Gambians had more confidence in the bone-mending skills of local healers to those of the MRC clinic.On returning to the UK Colette trained in Horticulture at Myerscough College, Lancashire and worked in the landscape industry for five years. Moving to Aberdeen in 2007 Colette started to grow a wider collection of herbs to use in cooking, remedies and cosmetics and in 2014 was awarded a Diploma in Herbology from the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. Colette writes short articles for newsletters; advises on cultivating herbs; runs herb workshops; and is a founder member of the NE Scotland Herb Group.Illustrated talks on herbs can be tailored to the interests of the
audience, please enquire. Topics for talks include:

Six Herbs: an introduction to herbal traditions through stories of six
garden plants.
Using herbs: processing home-grown herbs for everyday use in medicines
and cooking
Herbs and the urinary system
Healing properties of rock garden plants

Hosts need to provide all AV equipment if illustrated talk using images
Fee to cover travel & accommodation expenses only.