- June 5, 2020
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Herb of the Month: June

Written by Sara Dixon – Herb Society Member... Basil is a very versatile herb. Largely because there are over 160 varieties - that is a very large range of flavours! I hope that never again will you say 'I want/grow Basil'. From now on surely you must mention the particular flavour of Basil as well! ...
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- May 23, 2020
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Hooksgreen Herbs Open Day

Hooksgreen Herbs are delighted to announce that Barbara Wilkinson, registered Medical Herbalist and Herb Society Trustee will be giving a talk and demonstration on Saturday 23rd May during the Open Weekend at their nursery which will be open to all visitors and include refreshments of tea, coffee and homemade cakes. No booking necessary.
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- April 18, 2020
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Written by Nicky Westwood - Herb Society Trustee How lovely to celebrate the spring and take the time, as we can now in this period of Covid-19, to look around us and enjoy the herbs that grow wild in our area. The field next door to me is currently full of Alexanders.  They love their ...
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- January 14, 2020
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My Herbology Journey Begins

Written by Dr Annie Leonard - Herb Society Trustee... I always wanted to learn more about herbs so when I retired, I researched possible courses ….  I didn’t want to become a Medical Herbalist, I just wanted to learn more, partly on-line and partly face-to-face! I found my perfect course; the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh ...
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- June 13, 2017
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In praise of rocket by Ruth Ridley

The herb rocket The herb rocket, Eruca sativa, is my favourite salad item. It is easy to grow, and in my opinion has a much more interesting flavour than lettuce, being slightly peppery. I think it's great on pizza, or teamed with steak and new potatoes as an alternative to peas and chips. Being high in ...
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- March 27, 2015
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Are Hobbits Herbalists? by Ruth Ridley

Hobbiton is a wonderful place to visit I haven't read Tolkein's The Hobbit for a few years, but greatly enjoyed the films, so couldn't resist the opportunity to visit the Hobbiton film set when I was in New Zealand a few weeks ago. Herbs everywhere The film set was built to ...
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- June 13, 2014
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Flowering herbs in my garden | Spring by Ruth Ridley

Many herbs in my garden are now in flower I live on the Sussex coast in a Victorian terraced cottage about a mile from the sea. I have a small town garden and try to squeeze in a few herbs wherever I can. From March onwards you can see a succession of traditional culinary herbs ...
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- April 26, 2014
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Herb Day at Hooksgreen by Ruth Ridley

Local Herb Society Meetings One of the great benefits of becoming a member of the Herb Society is the opportunity to meet like-minded people locally and join in with events. A few weeks ago, such an event took place for the Northwest Herb Group at Hooksgreen Herbs (Stone, Staffordshire) led by Herb Society Treasurer Malcolm Dickson ...
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