- December 5, 2020
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Herb of the Month: December

Santa might deliver us presents, but Sara fills our tables with deliciousness. Read on for some fabulous wintery recipes! Written by Sara Dixon At Christmas, I find two herbs to be particularly handy,  Moroccan Mint and  Tangerine Sage; the Mint because it comes into its own in cocktails – alcoholic or non-alcoholic - and Tangerine Sage ...
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- November 3, 2015
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Cognitive effects of herbs rosemary and sage by Ruth Ridley

Rosemary for Remembrance There was a lot of interest recently in a programme on the BBC in which rosemary essential oil vapour in a room was shown to improve the memory of test subjects, and that the active ingredients were able to be detected in the subjects' bloodstreams afterwards. You can read more about this ...
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