About The Herb Society

In 1927 Hilda Leyel founded the Society of Herbalists, which would later become the Herb Society, with the aim of supporting the practice of herbal medicine in Britain.

The Herb Society aims to:

  • Increase the understanding and use of herbs for health and well-being
  • Provide information, knowledge and news on all aspects of herbs
  • Bring together all those with an interest in herbs, from the amateur to the professional
  • Provide a worldwide forum for the exchange of ideas and information

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To find out more about Hilda Leyel watch “Women of Westfield: Picking Up The Pieces After The First World War“. A short documentary about the role that women played in the formative years of the Westfield War Memorial Village Lancaster – a bespoke settlement for disabled ex-servicemen. It looks at trustees, fundraisers (including the founder of the National Lottery), an innovative sculptress and the wives and children of the injured men. This is a poignant, interesting and informative film researched, scripted and fronted by volunteers on a Heritage Lottery project.

Photograph of Hilda Leyel

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