Here you can find details of our corporate members (listed in alphabetical order):


Blackbrook Herb Gardens

We are a small nursery in a garden/ residential setting specialising in growing herb plants and wild flowers – established in 1989.  We have a range of approximately 100 varieties.  Plants are started off in 2 greenhouses with limited heat and we therefore have a wider range of culinary herbs available over the summer months.  We are open mainly at the weekends and some weekdays over the growing season – please telephone (01625 539166) first if you are travelling any distance.  We can happily provide information and growing advice on herbs and have garden design knowledge and expertise.

We can provide talks or small group visits with notice on a range of topics including the history of herbs, their culinary, medicinal and traditional uses, and current trends in growing herbs.  Please also see our website


    Hawkwell Herbs

Encouraging people to cook with fresh herbs to enable good value, healthy, easy cooking and drinking. Selling herbs in cookery themed pots, and as individual herbs of the month, and running cookery courses. Running the business with the purpose of making a positive social, economic, and environmental impact.

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    Hetty’s Herbs & Plants 

We are a family owned and run business based in the flat Lincolnshire Fens.   Over 200 varieties of herbs and plants grown by my family locally.

Hetty’s is an online store selling potted plants and seeds of both popular and unusual Herbs, Lavenders, Strawberries, Wildflowers and more. All plants are carefully packed by hand, wrapped individually in newspaper, using mainly recycled boxes and straw as packaging and sent via a 24-hour delivery service.
Buying from Hetty’s supports a national charity with part of every sale being donated.

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Kitchen Garden Plant Centre

Neil and Niamh grow herbs and edible plants, pesticide free in peat-free compost. Selling at horticultural shows, food festivals, online and at the nursery, by appointment.

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