We have met the 3 Seed Sistas before in our magazine through articles they have contributed. This book encapsulates their approach to connect people with nature through the seasons, poetry, art, ritual and creativity.

A beautifully illustrated book, by artist Belle Benfield, that encourages and has science to support much of the evidence-based core of herbal medicine.

A unique look at considering the 5 senses and combining the elements of earth, wind, water and fire through a seasonal, sensory journey of discovery.

A sheer delight to read, helping the reader reawaken the senses and connect as we are truly meant to do, with the very things that make us part of nature.

In summer, they explore the fire element and herbs that contain volatile oils such as sage, having harnessed the suns energy and bringing the best medicinal properties. Astrology and celebrations such as the summer solstice are discussed, bringing insight for the reader as to how and why we have rituals. Botany, harvesting, preserving and recipes are shared, with herbs suitable for supporting health which are mainly what we consider as British native herbs, that are plentiful and often free.


The Sensory Herbal Handbook

By The Seed Sistas

Watkins ISBN 978-1-78678-211-3