Plant Spirit Medicine was developed by Eliot Cowan, who wrote the foreword to this book.  It is a method of connecting to the plants, communicating with the plant spirits and bringing this into a specific method of healing.  In this book, Pip and Lucy share their experiences and those of other healers, herbalists and clients, through the power of stories – the way we have always passed on healing – to transmit the concepts of what plant spirit medicine is, why it is a medicine of our time, the healers’ journey and meeting the plant spirits.  One of the chapters, and their subsequent online course, takes us on a journey through the seasons to meet the plants through short exercises and provide a way to interact and heal with plants. As they say in the book, “indigenous peoples learn to listen to everything in the world around them for signs and understanding about how to live successfully.”  This book offers a chance to reconnect and see the world in a way our ancestors may have done.

Reviewed by Rox Madeira

Touched by Nature – Plant Spirit Medicine Journeys

Pip Waller & Lucy Wells


ISBN:  9781911597636