Eating to Extinction By Dan Saladino

For years I have listened to Dan’s voice on the radio 4 Food Programme and have often been inspired to research further as a result of what I have heard.

This book is both inspiring and shocking, it reveals so much about where we are today in the food world.

The book is divided into :Wild, Cereal, Vegetable, Meat, From the Sea, Fruit, Cheese, Alcohol, Stimulants and Sweet, with an epilogue to Think Like a Hadza.

For those interested in history, the past and present, world power, Darwin and health this is for you.

We humans have a lot to answer for as we are still doing dreadful things to our planet and the health of everything that shares it. It’s not all doom and gloom however as there are many success stories of remarkable people who had the insight to do something rather than observe and moan about loss.

The book makes the reader fully aware of the crisis the world is in and how many of the things going wrong, including our health, is connected to the genetic biodiversity that is essential and yet being ignored by far too many.

I used to work in the food industry and still have contacts there, I would hope and urge everyone to read this book. It’s time to wake up and be counted, change so many things and accept the future of life depends on all of us changing our outlook and impact on this planet.





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