Energetic Herbalism by Kat Maier

This book brings together many traditional healing methods
including Traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic and Western Herbalism, it
also highlights all are based on energetics and the need to connect
with nature which needs healing also.
The author has over thirty years’ experience in herbal practice and
has met many others that have a passion for herbs. She explores
twenty-five herbs that are widely available and not endangered in
this book, detailing information through the lens of energetics and
her personal relationship with these herbs. Knowing the person not
the disease also comes across well here, highlighting the need to
look beyond symptoms.
I particularly like how she explains no herb has one category, just like
a woman may be a sister, mother, artist, scientist etc, herbs like
people have many roles.
As many people use herbs in the kitchen, they already have a
connection as food and medicine. Some also grow herbs, therefore
getting an understanding of how the weather, climate and conditions
affect us and our plants.
The elements of Earth, Air Fire and Water are recognised as energy,
and foundations in transforming thinking. The Energetics of plants
takes us on a journey of discovery about healing and how to be
human in this world. The author talks about simplicity and that to
improve as a herbalist, an understanding of energetics helps us read
people and plants matching them for wholistic healing.
The book contains some recipes to reflect the seasons and has
chapters on The Wheel of the Year and Kitchen Apothecary Practices,
with delights such as: oxymels, vinegars and glycerine extracts etc.
The Five Phase Theory is explained along with the Indigenous
teachings that the earth and all creations are imbued with a sacred
spirit. This inspiring book is one I dip into frequently, enjoying it like a
comfort blanket, as it speaks to the soul and leaves me often deep in
thought and in a happy space.
Published by Chelsea Green
ISBN 9781645020820

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