Evolutionary Herbalism By Sajah Popham

This is not a book about how to make recipes and growing herbs, but about our interconnection with nature and indeed our journey of enlightenment that brings nature deeply into our lives and hearts.

In this well researched book, the author explores patterns of nature through spiritual, scientific, medicinal and traditions with ancient wisdom, while pushing boundaries in modern herbal medicine.

He encourages our intuitive development and association with nature to inspire wholeness in the true sense of the word. He brings humour and his own clinical experiences into the book making it a joy to read.

One very soon begins to realise that nature, which we are part of is evolving, adapting, coexisting and even affected by astrology and the influence of other planets. We are all students of nature and seekers of truth, this book makes one very aware of that and helps us respond and be in tune with our own inner nature and essential self.

The contents include Energetic Architecture, Universal herbalism, The Energetic Architecture of People and Plants, Transformational Medicine,  Spagyrics, From Trauma to Transformation, The Elemental Plant, The Celestial Plant and much more.

On purchasing this book there is a free PDF to help you with a step-by-step integration plan to assist you on the plant path.









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