Herbology A Physic Garden Pharmacy by Catherine Conway-Payne

A Physic Garden Pharmacy
Catherine Conway-Payne
ISBN 978-1-910877-50-0
Pub. RBGE 2023
‘Herbology’ is a truly beautiful book written by the programme director of the Herbology course at the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh, and illustrated by Jacqui Pestell; with photographs by Kate Soltan.
‘Green pharmacy describes any form of botanical medicine or herbal remedy making. It lies at the very heart of the study and practice of herbology and physic garden horticulture, where you literally grow the ingredients of your chosen recipes from seed’.
The book is divided into very useful sections:
* the Herbology store cupboard
* the seasons (e.g. things to do in the physic garden, a dispensatory, herbs to try and infusions, decoctions, ointments, oils, lotions, poultices etc. all with careful explanations and recipes).
* a glossary
The information and illustrations make you feel you can achieve a green pharmacy at home, as well as inspiring a renewed commitment to care for and protect our natural environment.
Catherine mentions ‘in a note from the author’ how she loves walking into the Herbology garden at RBGE. I too loved the time we spent around the herbology beds, sometimes choosing herbs for our green pharmacy remedies in 2019-21 when I completed the Herbology course. Catherine inspired and engaged her students with her enthusiasm and knowledge for all aspects of herbology.
‘Herbology’ is a book to read and absorb, but also to use to develop our physic garden and green pharmacy knowledge. I highly recommend it!

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