Magical Botanical by Elaine Perry and Nicolette Perry

(Plants for Inspiration, Creativity and Enhanced Consciousness)

Combining folklore, tradition and neuroscience makes this a book that inspires and teaches all in one. Experience and knowledge from the authors, gives evidence based and science backed wisdom, that will have the reader wanting more.

If psychotropic wisdom is wanted, look no further as this book has it with humour, recipes, practical skills, and guidance that is often difficult to find.

Information on growing, harvesting, foraging and botanical expertise is throughout, with the science of what affect these plants have on the brain and mood. Consciousness is key, as is instinct and self-care, with help as to which plants can provide the desired affect many are looking for.

Neuroscientist Elaine, and daughter and Pharmacognosist Nicolette, own and run Dilston Physic Garden. Their combined knowledge for evidence-based plants for wellbeing is throughout this book. Plants that are legal, safe and simple to prepare are contained within the ages. Chapters include Emotional uplift, Euphoria Plants, stimulating and serene, perception plants Dream plants, Creative thinking and Shamanic states, Spirit, Rituals and much more.

Dilston has a Magic and Medicine area of the garden, with plants that are used as medicine. These include Mugwort, Passionflower and Hops as they bring lucid dreaming and euphoria but also Cacao and Valerian.

This book is more about soft psychedelics, that enhance conscious states, uplift and sharpen clarity, inspire and enhance creativity.  Many people have worked with plants such as these before and some still want or need to today, safe in the knowledge they are science backed.


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