My Tiny Garden by Felicity Hart

It must be frustrating having a small garden, but being a herb lover without a garden
at all can be even worse. My small concrete terrace sits in the shadow of the Midland Mainline
platform of St Pancras station in central London, but every inch of it reveals a dogged
attempt to grow herbs and beautiful plants. The rumble of trains isn’t preventing my
chamomile or calendula from flowering. In fact, being south facing, it is a perfect spot to
cultivate herbs from seed.
Not only is determination and realism required for those of us with little space for plants;
imagination is the key to creating tiny gardens in the most unlikely spaces, both inside and
outside the home.
My Tiny Window Garden attempts to encourage other envious plant lovers not only to have
a go at growing, but also unleash creativity and transform window sills into works of art.
Whilst great things are expected of readers, no prior knowledge is presumed. Instructions
are clear, gardening terms are de-mystified, and stunning pictures on every page offer
tantalising prospects for those keen to have green around and about the house.
Author Felicity Hart suggests genuinely unique ideas for stylish creations, such as an air
plant (tilandsia spp) suspended in an urchin shell; or a themed window box such as a Gin
and Tonic Garnish which includes borage, lemon thyme and strawberries. Such
sophistication and originality may well encourage those with large areas of land to
think small for a change.
Simple details are offered about individual plants such as mint, lavender, dwarf beans, and
even the carnivorous Cape Sundew (Dosera capensis). Pithy quotations, for instance,
Audrey Hepburn’s “to plant is a garden is to believe in tomorrow”, provide additional
encouragement, most especially for those who have never attempted to grow plants,
perhaps because they never thought it possible.
A modest yet innovative feast for the eyes and inspiration for all is offered here, making it a
perfect gift or bedside reading for everyone.
ISBN 9781800073470

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