PLANT-LIFE, a Walk with Nature by Edward Bent

I am an avid reader and adore books. I have read many books over the years, and it is always special to find a hidden gem that leaves a long-lasting impression. Even though I have turned the final page, I know this is a book I shall return to often.


Edward Bent has written a fascinating and intriguing book, which will capture the heart of anyone who is interested in nature. It is a must for anyone interested in botany! It is obvious early on into the book that the author is highly intelligent and passionate about his chosen subject. He takes the reader on a journey, a walk with nature and explains in detail how to look at plants and nature from a holistic point of view.


It is truly a special book and one well researched. The author feeds our imagination, and the reader cannot help but reflect on the workings of nature by taking into consideration the entire picture. Herbalists look at the person as a whole and nature should be no different. This is what PLANT-LIFE, a Walk with Nature achieves. It considers plants as a whole and the role they play to natural ecosystems, the consumption of energy and plant chemicals during their production.


The book makes the reader to think about environmental influences and how they affect plants. How do plants respond to these changes? It makes the reader think about the consequences of these factors and how it effects not only our health but plants too.


This book isn’t just a textbook. It inspires us to look at nature from another perspective. The layout of the book makes an enjoyable read. The book is divided into sections and has many diagrams and coloured photographs. It is a book that I shall return to time and time again. It has captured my imagination and opened my mind to look beyond the viewpoint and delve deeper into the magical workings of nature.

Nartura ISBN 979-12-210-0957-6

Writer and educator, Edward Bent PLANT-LIFE, a Walk with Nature (


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