Terrain Therapy by Dr Ulric Williams 

Dr Williams (1890-1971) was considered a playboy surgeon until 1931 when he concluded that there wasn’t a “health service” but a “medical service” whose main goal was making money rather than healing its patients. Subsequently he became a naturopath and published “Healthy Living” in 1934. This is an updated reprint of the 5th edition expounding terrain theory and includes many scriptural references, e.g., using herbs for health. 

He believes man to be made of Body, Mind and Spirit and “all disease comes from one of two places, either an unhealthy way of life…or else it comes from unhappiness in the mind and spirit”, he considers all symptoms as warnings of an imbalance and a cue to find and address the cause of the disease. 

Williams includes many secondary sources of illness however doesn’t pull any punches and attributes “indulgent living” as a common cause. But he believes man has the power to heal himself and self-healing starts Physically by looking after our bodies with the correct diet, exercise and habits. Back in 1934 he was already calling out the “food-fake” industry and pesticide use etc. Psychologically, he sees thought as a powerful tool in self-healing and that we should think positively and banish negativity. Thirdly, Spiritually. He sees God not as a deity in the sky but God as Life, the Life Force within, the Life Spirit in each of us and our ability to heal depends on our connection to that infinite spirit and healing comes more quickly when we include prayer and fasting in our life.  

This book is a “how to” stay in good health. It discusses the causes of diseases in body, mind and spirit and how to reverse them, it includes dietary advice, not only what to eat (recipes included) but how to eat, the best way to fast, the best forms of exercise, how to practice a positive mental attitude and how to get right with the Life Force that is all around us. I gained an older perspective from reading the book, 90-year-old wisdom saying what has become mainstream in the past 10 years, just a different language, nowadays we might read about quantum physics, quantum faith, meditation, intention and manifestation or spellwork. All point to an energy all around us and that our individual belief system can help us tap into that power, the greatest of which is love. 

ISBN 9781991185501

Publisher – Samantha Bailey, 2022

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