The 12 Herbs of Christmas by Dafydd Monks

This lovely pocket-sized book is an insightful and herbal journey through the 12 traditional
days of Christmas. Commencing with Mother’s Night on December 24th and referencing the
mother deities associated with the winter solstice. Dafydd cleverly guides you back in time
to recognise the deep connections, mythology, folklore and history of the 12 medicinal
herbal plants featured, all of which are the ones most associated today with Christmas.
Undoubtably there is information in this book that will be new to you. Even though the
plants are well known, their medicinal values have indeed been forgotten. Historical facts
have been well researched and personal experiences by the author, add a human and very
personal touch to what is a good read, as well as a great reference source.
Included are some easy to make at home recipes, beautifully accompanied by colour
pictures. With this book you can venture into making some very useful contents for your
home medicine cupboard and can follow simple festive suggestions to enhance your home
and chosen festive foods.
This is a small book packing an enormous punch – informing and teaching how to make
incense, cough syrup, ointment, teas, spiced honeyed ale and much more, that anyone
interested in herbs will enjoy. At £3.99 it definitely a book that keeps on giving, even after
Christmas is well and truly over. Well worth putting on your own Christmas list and perfect to
give as a gift.

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