The Almanac by Lia Leendertz

Another shout out for ‘The Almanac, a seasonal guide to 2023’. It is a wonderful book to keep you company through the year. Each almanac has a new theme as well as much loved insights each month on celebrations, the sky at night, the sea, the moon and its phases; the ornamental and edible garden (including gardening by the moon), recipes, a folk song and nature.
For this year’s theme, our eyes are cast up into the heavens and to the sometimes visible patterns of the solar system (including the planets) which link to the mythology behind the zodiac and to folk songs.
Nature is focused on the micro world of the garden (or allotment) pond; to enjoy if we have a pond or if not to consider building one.
The illustrations are beautiful; they are by Whooli Chen and once again I will colour my book as the year unfolds. The book provides us with a reminder of special events and moments as we move forward through 2023.

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