The Enchanted Garden by Zorah Cholmondeley

The author had always been fascinated with nature and the possibility of fairies
and others, that many refer to as myth and legend stories. However, in this
book she explains her connections and how just like indigenous people their
view is that every river, rock and plant, has a vibration and soul we can connect
This book is about gardening in an enlightened way, being aware of the energy
behind every form. There are references to Gaia, shamans and Lemurian
energies, ancient civilisations and times when nature was respected, honoured
and gardens were sanctuaries created for the good of all.
Through meditation the fairy realm revealed itself to the author and
throughout the book the fairy Queen Maeve speaks.
Part one is the Introduction to A Deeper Reality of Nature, Part two, Plant Spirit
Wisdom introducing 40 plants, with insights into the fairy realm and the
spirituality of the plant.
For some this book will resonate strongly, for others it may be a step into the
unknown, but how others view nature is always interesting and can influence
our personal journey in nature. The book talks of plant allies, seasonal
festivities, and connections, love, joy and opening to the awareness of all
around us, including planets, crystals and the effect the weather can have on all
in nature.

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