The Good Garden by Chris McLaughlin

This book makes a lovely addition to the bookcase, and I feel inspired with ideas after reading it. It is a book to dip in and out of and refer to throughout the gardening season. It is guide for anyone who would like to start a garden, but experienced gardeners would also find it useful. The author’s enthusiasm is evident in each chapter. You won’t be sorry to pick up this book as you will learn how to create a thriving garden, naturally, without the use of chemicals and something to be proud of.


Each page is bursting with information and is simple and easy to understand. It covers everything, from how pollinators and wildlife can make a garden flourish as well as helping the eco system to enjoying the space you have created. I feel inspired after reading this book to create a butterfly garden by planting milk weed (Asclepias spp.)


The book is full of fun fascinating facts which will be enjoyed by everyone, from the novice gardener to the advanced. I found the chapter on annual and perennial pollinator plants interesting and already plan to introduce borage, basil and calendula, dill, fennel, and goldenrod plants next year. You will want to keep a notebook and pen handy whilst you read!


As well as facts you will find handy pro tips throughout the book. I especially like the guide on how to create a container water garden, which will attract wildlife and in return offer so much to your garden. You will learn that some plants, classed as weeds, such as dandelions are actually indispensable to the ecosystem, your garden and prove themselves as a herb ally!


Beautiful colour photographs accompany the book which are captivating and inspiring. You will learn how to manage pests naturally with biological pest controls. Learn how to nourish healthy soil and build a compost heap. Read about how red clover is great for preventing soil erosion and how its extensive root system makes an excellent soil conditioner.


There is a chapter on how to cultivate healthy food as well as herbs and how to harvest them. There are even tips on how to make a vertical garden, making use of every inch of space in your garden. This book has it all! There is even a list of useful resources for each chapter at the  end of the book.

ISBN 9781642832150

Publisher Island Press

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