The Herbal Book of Making and Taking by Christopher Hedley and Non Shaw

What’s not to love about a herbal remedy book which provides clear, concise instructions and detailed recipes which have been trialled and perfected over many, many years. Above all, the recipes are based on what is available in the kitchen … lemons, spices vinegar and herbs of course.

As an herbology student, this book is fast becoming my go-to-book as I learn the craft of growing, harvesting and using herbs in decoctions, tinctures, syrups and lozenges … the list is endless! I love the checklists, general principles and the questions to think about. There are so many helpful ideas and choices for herbal remedies. The use of annotated ‘body pictures’ along with blind tasting the teas are fun and inspiring e.g. St john’s wort and sage. This activity can be augmented by a summary of book learning and the impressions of experienced herbalists. It is a brilliant way to learn and develop strong relationships with the herbs you grow and use.

This book is essentially a pharmacy book in the western herbal tradition: it is a wonderful resource for students and herbalists alike.



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