The Tree Dispensary By Christina Stapley

Trees are beyond fabulous, they are the life blood the planet, their needs are often forgotten or neglected, and some are simply not appreciated.

This book connects us to the joys of trees, their medicines, uses and virtues that make the reader aware that eyes need opening to the importance of our landscape and environment.

The Author is a retired Medical Herbalist that still teaches and has written many books previously.

Here she covers history, folklore, and the medicinal uses of trees, as she clearly has a wealth of knowledge and a passion for our trees.

For example, Cramp bark/ Viburnum opulus has connections with late Bronze age use and a history of its relative The Wayfaring tree, is listed for medicinal use in Pechy’s herbal of 1694.

The Herbalists Reference for each tree, gives an insight to constituents, uses and actions. I was surprised to see Rosemary listed in a book about trees, but then the particular plant mentioned is huge and very old, with boxes being made from its wood.

The book is divided into chapters according to the seasons, helping guide the reader into the natural cycle of the year. Recipes and mentions of Hildegard of Bingen, and The Physicians of Myddfai, are here along with a wealth of knowledge on the subject that trees which are part of all our lives, that we need to respect and work with.





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