The Winter Garden by Naomi Slade

The Winter Garden reads as delightful as the title sounds. Throughout the book, pages are filled with the most breathtaking photographs; I felt like I had been transported to a winter wonderland, The reader is taken on a journey to celebrate the forgotten season and it will not disappoint!


I loved Naomi’s book, and it captured my interest from the first page. She makes readers aware the garden is very much alive during the winter months and can still be enjoyed, even with frost on the ground and on bare branched trees. The book has a chapter on practical jobs for winter season and guides you with step-by-step instructions. Sometimes, when approaching something from a new angle, it can seem an overwhelming task. Naomi breaks everything down so you know exactly what you are doing. There is even a section on how to cope with cold!


The author writes with such passion and explains how to create gardens that are for living in, not just looking at. It is not hard to feel the effects of her enthusiasm.  A garden really is a work of art and offers so many rewards. I know many readers interested in herbs will enjoy the section on the kitchen garden.


For the avid vegetable grower, the chapter on the veg patch in winter will perk an interest as will what to sow in winter. It is surprising to read about just how many varieties of flowers that can bloom in the cold season.


This book has something for everyone, from the complete beginner gardener to the most advanced. I am rather looking forward to seeing my garden in a new light this winter and enjoy what it has to offer, instead of sat waiting for Spring to emerge.

ISBN 978-0-2415-7585-7

DK Publishing

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