Vickery’s Folk Flora by Roy Vickery

This book is a must read for all those interested in the Folklore and uses of our British Isles plants.  It has enabled me understand the undercurrent of activity, by individuals and groups, who continue to hand on the communication of Herbs within our British culture.  In doing so, they explore and label species, outside our mainstream understanding.  Which has been collated by Roy, into this wonderfully narrated folklore collection.
One interesting observation made in the book by Roy, was a reference to Briton being dependant upon pharmaceutical drugs from Germany at the commencement of WW1 and WW2.  Then, when these drugs became unobtainable, before and during the two world wars, we were forced to re-evaluate our Islands medical and Herbal plants.
This is of particular interest to the Herb Society, whose founder Hilda Leyal raised enormous sums of money to house injured soldiers in Westfield village.  Where they were housed upon returning from the first world war.  She also set up the Herb Society, just before the commencement of world war two and campaigned hard to retain access for the public to Herbs, during the rising tide of pharmaceutical companies during this period.
The appeal of Vickery’s Flora, is the easy narration, as he conveys its invaluable  and interesting collection of tales he has accumulated for our benefit.

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