We Are The Ark by Mary Reynolds

We have all heard the term ‘Low Maintenance Gardening’, it usually means chemicals, hard landscaping and plastic, something nature hates as much as some of us.

The author of this beautifully illustrated and easy to read book, was a garden designer altering land for those that could afford to change it to their vision. However, the realisation of taking away and replacing with non -natives and sterile environments destroying habitat, of what is trying to survive, dawned on her. The resulting lack of biodiversity and safety became an issue staring her in the face, she changed her mind set and began to think more about harmony and protection.

True as individuals we can’t change the world, BUT we can all participate in small ways that together create shared places and a respect for land. By giving half of our patch to nature and growing our own food and medicine we can make a difference. Sharing is caring and that is key to our future, as what we do to the earth, we do to ourselves. The concept of the Ark grew, as the hope that our relationship with nature will.

The Ark is about restoring, providing space for native ecosystems and being caretakers not gardeners that destroy. We humans can live in a land of food and medicine as the indigenous peoples did, they were guardians of land told stories and protected with respect. They are the ones that have been displaced, disrespected and their wisdom ignored.

There are suggestions for herbs that support butterflies, pollinators, and those we all depend on, that can easily be on our land.

Arking is a challenge, are you up for it, with this book being your guide, you may already be part way there, but there is more we can all do and bring others on board, building a community, as every little helps. This book will inspire and challenge your thinking, it may even reinforce what you have long known and steer you down a path of enlightenment that gives rather than takes away.

Even the size of the font, makes this book easy to read and the colour illustrations are simply beautiful. There is science and wisdom throughout, with ideas that are simple to introduce, the theme is regaining harmony, relationships, and connections, let’s not lose this forever, but restore and create the balance we all need for a healthy planet and future.


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