Where The Wild Things Grow By David Hamilton

On first glance at the book, I was surprised there are no coloured images of plants, indeed there are very few black and white illustrations also, but this does not detract from the overall pleasure of the book.

After 25 years of foraging, it is a way of life for David and his family, which comes through the pages with the wealth of knowledge and amusing anecdotes he shares.

The book is divided into, Man -Made, Rural, Woodland and Water with each being subdivided again. This focuses attention and helps the reader journey through these places to discover a wealth of plants of interest.

With his background in food science, nutrition and horticulture David successfully covers so many aspects, that pull the reader into his world, Where The Wild Things Grow.

There are recipes throughout, tips on foraging and preparations and the many uses for the plants. From mushrooms to meadows, trees and seaweeds, and often neglected plants this book reveals many levels of interest in plants and is surely a wonderful addition to anyone with an enquiring mind.





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