Wild about Weeds Garden design with Rebel Plants by Jack Wallington

The author is an RHS garden designer and medal winner, who clearly wants people to enjoy their weeds or herbs and look upon them differently.

His book title can grate on some of us who work with and appreciate the beauty of these plants, but many refer to them as such and think little of them.

Jack aims to make the reader think about these amazing plants as they can have a place in any space, especially gardens. Rather then weed them out, take a fresh look, work with their virtues and make them part of your life and the   insects and animals that depend on them for survival will appreciate it too.

The book profiles over 50 weeds and is divided into Part 1: Bringing Weeds into Your Garden which includes: Weed Hunting, Collecting and Storing Seeds, Moving and Dividing Weeds, Managing the Rebel Plants and Nature’s Design and Plant Communities.

Part 2: focuses on, Weeds for Every Situation.

There is advise on the self seeders and invasive types, with suggestions on how to work with them also. The book is beautifully illustrated throughout and includes interviews with some top gardeners, botanists and garden designers, making for a very interesting read, that hopefully will have everyone looking at these plants in a different light.

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