Wild Remedies by Rosalee De La Foret & Emily Han

Wild plants connect us with nature, and thankfully they are everywhere, even  growing in the cracks of the pavements.
In this paperback book the authors guide the reader on plant identification, with excellent colour photography, and provide a wealth of recipes to encourage incorporating herbs into everyday life and engaging others, including children.
Both authors are involved in the American course Learning Herbs, and both have several books they have previously written.
This enthusiastic and thoughtful team have divided the book into: Creating Your Foundation, Spring, Early Summer, Late Summer, Autumn, Winter.
There are 24 herbs and 75 recipes to explore, and you will as this book guides you on every level.
Now is the time to reconnect with our environment to learn its secrets and pleasures, to open the mind to a multitude of possibilities waiting for you.
This book keeps it simple, using wild herbs that are plentiful and often neglected for exotic species. Wild crafting or foraging are terms we can use, one thing for sure, herbs bring joy, health, and wealth in so many ways, but especially bring a way of life for all to enjoy.
The quote at the beginning of the book says it all, “With gratitude to those who teach us the interconnectedness of all things – past, present, and future.”

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